Great Service

Greetings! I appreciate all of the good service that you have provided in the consultation, delivery and installation of my new Aqua 2000 Onyx system.

One of the reasons that attracted me to move into this house in the Riverpark development was because it was a new construction home, built to modern-day standards of construction and with modern materials. The home was built well and built to last many years. However, I believed that it was a necessary investment to protect the house and its plumbing components with a system that will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of damage from accumulated impurities in the municipal water supply. The Onyx system was exactly what I had been looking for.

It was obvious within the first few weeks of residency in my new home that water residue would be an ongoing issue in my house without employing a water softening system. Residual stains were visible on stainless steel sinks and glass shower enclosures, requiring plenty of elbow grease and chemical scrubbing to control. Dishwashing was adventurous to say the least… even with chemical drying agents, dishes would often come out of the dishwasher looking weird with water stains. I could only imagine that much of the minerals there were coming out of my water faucets were also being trapped in the plumbing, eventually affecting the quality of the plumbing and the pressure delivered to the taps.

The Onyx system has worked flawlessly. Flow and pressure are good. Stains are not accumulating. Dishes are coming out cleaner. There has also been a notable improvement in the quality of the drinking water and ice through the installed reverse-osmosis system.

I also appreciate the service that you and your company have provided. As you can see I am an active individual outside the home, and my time is precious and limited. I appreciate that you were able to meet me at convenient times, and the installation of the system was professionally completed in a minimal amount of time.

Lieutenant Commander Dan Frost, U.S. Navy
Pro Triathlete and Certified Triathlon Coach