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Dear Valued Customer,

Water by Design customers are now being serviced by West Coast Water Filtration, Inc. 

The president of Water by Design is retiring after 30+ years in the water system business.  He wanted to ensure that Water by Design’s customers continue to receive high quality service after he retires and he hand-selected our company, West Coast Water Filtration.  We share the high standards and integrity you’ve come to expect of Water by Design.  The maintenance records for your equipment were transferred to our office.  We know the history of your equipment and we want you to experience a seamless transition.

West Coast Water Filtration is a fully licensed and bonded water conditioning contractor serving all of Southern California.  We specialize in residential water filtration systems of every type, including reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and whole-house carbon filtration systems.  We also service and install bottle-free water coolers with built-in filtration for office drinking water.

We have been servicing customers in your area since 1977.  We have a fully staffed service department and in most cases are available for same day and next day service, including early morning appointments and weekend appointments.  Our service fee is lower, $95 instead of $120-$149 as some other companies charge.

Please update your records with our phone number and address.  Our website provides more information about our company and the services we provide.

If you have questions or need your equipment serviced or upgraded, please call 800-834-2882.  You may also email any questions to Jay@WC-WF.com.   We look forward to doing business with you!

What is the EPA? What is the NSF? What is the WQA Technology used by Nasa SilverShield Protection

Residential Water Filter Systems Santa Fe Springs, CA

As water is essential to life, the quality of water you consume determines your quality of life. It only makes sense to use the highest quality water. Let us help you find the best water filter system for your home.

Hydronex Water Softener
Whole Home Water Softeners
  • HYgene Bacteriostatic Filter Media
  • Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon
  • Metered Regeneration Control
  • Lead-Free Brass Control Valve
  • Stainless Steel Tank
Water Softeners
Salt-Free Water Conditioners
Salt-Free Water Conditioners
  • HYgene Bacteriostatic Filter Media
  • Green Technology
  • No Salt, Potassium or Chemicals
  • Lead-Free Brass Control Valve
  • Stainless Steel Tank
Salt Free Water Conditioners
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
Drinking Water Filter Systems
  • No Electricity
  • Reduces 97% of Total Dissolved Solids
  • 3 to 5 Stages to efficiently clean water
  • Under sink Design Eliminates Clutter
  • Highest Quality Pure Water
Drinking Water Systems
Water Softeners
Salt-Free Systems
Drinking Water Systems

Water Filtration
Water Conditioners
Reverse Osmosis Systems

Bottle-Free Coolers

Soaps and Cleaning Products

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Puronics manufactures home water conditioners, water softeners, and whole house water filter systems that improve the quality of your water. Our industry-leading technology provides our water systems with the most innovative ways to give your home the best water possible.

Puronics engineers have developed the most innovative technology to ensure high quality water for your entire home. Our home water conditioners and home water softeners treat any type of water flowing through your home as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filtering unit. When it comes to improving our customers’ water quality, Puronics takes its commitment seriously.


Delivering Better Water Quality in Santa Fe Springs

No matter where you are, the quality of your water is essential to your overall health and well-being. Water is one of the most basic elements of the scientific world, and one of the most primary necessities for human, animal, and plant life. The quality of drinking water makes an enormous difference to the health of the community. Those looking for drinking water systems in Santa Fe Springs can contact West Coast Water Filtration to make sure they're benefiting from the best modern technology for improving water quality.

Water Softeners

Hard water can be hard on appliances, and hard on the body. It can leave unpleasant residues on dishes or other surfaces as it dries. Water softeners are one aspect of putting in a superior drinking water system. At West Coast Water Filtration, we offer whole home softening systems with features like bacteriostatic filters, regeneration controls, and silver impregnated activated carbon, to ensure a higher-quality water product and make sure customers don’t continue to suffer from hard water.

Drinking Water and Carbon Filters

 Modern carbon filters work efficiently to remove many different kinds of impurities from drinking water. These include certain kinds of hard minerals, as well as various types of bacteria. In general, drinking water systems with a carbon filter produces crystal clear clean drinking water, whether it's from a private source such as a well, or from a municipal water line. These carbon filters are relatively easy to install, and are a common part of premier drinking water systems in a home.

Water Testing

It's also important to test the quality of water on regular basis. Technicians from drinking-water system companies can provide regular testing and other kinds of evaluation, while giving homeowners and others practical counsel on how to manage water safety better. We can answer the tough questions about how a property has aged, how existing systems have been put in, and how to renovate or manage them well for the future.

If you're looking for drinking water systems in Santa Fe Springs, talk to West Coast Water Filtration about how to supply a property with fresh, high-quality drinking water.

Excellent service and satisfaction is our top priority when it comes to water filter systems in Santa Fe Springs, CA. We also carry Cal-Ben soap and cleaning products that are earth friendly and work great with your water filtration systems

Have questions about your home water? Check out "Ask the Water Guy" to see if your question has been answered, or post a question to be answered by our Home Water Treatment Specialist.

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