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Water Filtration Systems Santa Fe Springs
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  • Technology used by NASA, US Government, PF Chang Restaurants, Pebble Beach Resort, Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Gordon Biersch Brewery, Corona Brewery and by over 100,000 of your neighbors!
  • Recommended by Lieutenant Commander Dan Frost, U.S. Navy, Pro Triathlete and Certified Triathlon Coach

For Homeowners Looking for a Water Filtration Systems for Their House:

Is Your Water Disgusting?

Does It Smell or Taste Bad?

Stainless Steel Sink Just Won’t Stay Clean?

Want to Get Rid of the Scum on Your Shower Walls For Good?

Concerned About Having Healthy Water for You and Your Family?

“Since we’ve been using the water filtration system and softener, we’ve been drinking more water and have spent less money on soaps, shampoos and lotions. It takes less to form a thick lather and my skin stays hydrated without that hard film that requires a lot of lotion to combat the dry skin. I can finally use my dishwasher without having to rewash by hand because of the film that was left on my dishes from the hard water. I don’t have to scrub the shower walls because there’s no more hard water scum! We LOVE it!!” … Mrs. Susan Magorno

“We were thrilled that our newborns first bath was with CLEAN soft water!” … Priscilla M.

Homeowners want water filtration systems that makes them feel confident they are drinking the best water available. We provide water filtration systems that remove all the hard minerals and unwanted chemicals and solids from their water. West Coast Water Filtration provides water systems that will not break down, be expensive, hard to maintain, or an eye-sore for their house.

The Best Water Filtration Systems

Practically, this means utilizing Bacteriostatic Media Technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed assuring you of the highest quality water coming into your home, High-Grade Granular Activated Carbon to eliminate nasty chlorine and chloramine tastes and odors, and incorporating the same Hygene Filter Media that is used aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters to give you full great tasting water safe for you and your family. The ultra sleek highly polished stainless steel design of our systems will preserve the beautiful look of your house, and our systems allow for future growth or expansion should technology change or your water demands increase.

Taken together, the perfect whole house water filtration system delivers an almost altruistic experience allowing you to get rid of all the disgusting and unwanted chemicals in your water, have the freedom to finally keep your shower, sinks, laundry and pipes clean without having to worry about hard water again, accomplishing the best tasting, cleanest water while preserving the environment and the health of you and your kids for years to come!!

Now, with special financing and rebates from our manufacturers, you can achieve the ultimate in home drinking water systems for the price of a couple of Starbucks a month...

Get the Cleanest Water Ever with systems starting at
Only $9.99/month!!

“Thank you so much for the wonderful deal on our new water system. We can’t believe we waited so long to get it. We appreciate your thoroughness in explaining to us how it works and how to maintain it. You went above and beyond. We love our new faucet, reverse osmosis and soap dispenser (my wife’s favorite). We have referred you to many of our friends and look forward to continuing to spread the word. Your very affordable prices, wonderful customer service and personal follow-up were outstanding and, of course not to forget to mention the water! Our skin and hair feel so much better. And the difference in our dishes, appliances and water/ice is huge.
Thanks again.” … Placido Miranda

Our Water Filtration Systems Save You Time and Money

You have 2 options:
1. Be suckered into buying some “cheap” bogus water filtration system and have the hassles of trying to install it yourself or with a plumber… then call us to clean-up the mess

… OR…

2. Call West Coast Water Filtration first… save time, hassles and headaches

I wish I knew about West Coast Water Filtration water systems sooner…

“In less than 30 days at my new residence I noticed the calcium build up on my shower doors and on my supposedly “cleaned” dishes out of the dishwasher. I started to wonder what these mineral deposits were leaving on my linens and worse, what, if any, were the consequences of drinking and cooking with hard water. Chuck’s demonstration and explanation of just what using hard water on a day-to-day basis means was enough for me to be sold on making the purchase of the Aqua 2000 water system. No hard sell, just the facts.
The installers were at our home the next day, they were done in a couple of hours without a trace. And Chuck has already made a follow-up visit to ensure the system was working properly. If you don’t have time to scrub shower doors everyday, give Chuck a call” … The Jambas

Call Chuck or Jay right now at 800-834-2882 to get all the details and to schedule a no-obligation in-home water audit and system consultation.

Sign-up Now for your FREE, No-Obligation In-Home Water Audit and System Consultation.


MY PROMISE TO YOU: you won’t get a pushy salesman putting on a dog and pony show. You will get a master water specialist that will help you get the best solution for your unique needs for the best value possible.

Here’s what Dan Frost, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, Pro triathlete and certified triathlon coach had to say:

“I appreciate the service that you and your company have provided. As you can see I am an active individual outside the home, and my time is precious and limited. I appreciate that you were able to meet me at convenient times, and the installation of the system was professionally completed in a minimal amount of time”

Over the last 35+ years, over 100,000 of your neighbors in Southern California have trusted West Coast Water Filtration for their water filtration systems. Why not you? Call us right now at 800-834-2882.

Use The Most Advanced Technology Available To Get The Clearest, Cleanest, Best Tasting Water On The Planet… at a fraction of what most systems cost

Warning: Don’t Buy A Water Filtration System Until You Read This...

There are so many false messages about what type of water system you need and we’ve quite frankly had enough of it. Most of the stories are cleverly disguised sales pitches with one intent - to pry open your wallet and take as much as they can from you.

For example, beware of the many “water filter comparison” websites out there. If you read the fine print you will see that they distribute the ones they give the best ratings to. Kind of sneaky approach if you ask me. Why not just be up front and to the point? … to their credit, they do state they are distributors – if you dig through their website you will see it buried in the fine print somewhere.

Other companies lead you to believe that they get rid of hard water. The truth is they put in a system that is supposed to alter the chemistry of the minerals in the water to be less obtrusive to your plumbing. That is a good ALTERNATIVE, but why not go with the real thing and get the results that you were hoping for in the first place? You don't need to settle for second best, especially whenyou are paying the same (or in most cases, MORE) money.

We want you to be well educated to make the right decision for you and your family. We also want to help you avoid getting swindled, so here are some things you must know:

Salt Free Water Softeners Don’t Work!

“The Truth About Salt Free Water Softeners”

Why Salt Free Water Softeners Don't Work
… they don’t remove hardness grains from the water.
Hard water requires more soap and synthetic detergents for home laundry and washing. it also causes scaling on your tiles and shower, spots on your fixtures and your skin to feel dry after you get out of the shower.

While these systems have their place, they DO NOT remove hardness grains from the water. Using a hardness test kit, the incoming water supply remains the same as the water after the system. If you have 20 grains of hardness before the salt-free water softener, you will have 20 grains coming out.

According to the Water Quality Association, the definition of SOFT WATER is:

"Any water which naturally contains less than 1.0 grains per gallon (17.1 mg/L or ppm) of total hardness expressed as calcium carbonate equivalent [Calcium and Magnesium]."

This means that soft water must have less than 1 grain of hardness. Salt-Free water softeners do not remove the hardness from the water, and therefore, do not provide the benefits of truly soft water. With a true water softener, you will end up with 0 grains of hardness.

Soft water is considered to be 0 grains hard:

  • Orange County averages 18 grains
  • Los Angeles County averages 12 grains
  • Ventura County averages 25-30 grains

If you want soft water, your water should be 0 grains hard.

“The City of Anaheim has extremely hard water, so I knew I wanted to purchase a water softener for my home. I did my research and received a couple of high quotes, so I thought I would never be able to afford to purchase one. But then you showed at my door, with an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse. My family is now able to have soft water and we are all enjoying the benefits of the West Coast Water Filtration water softener. Thank you for making this purchase so easy for us.” … Francisco Morales

California Water Testing

Do you know how many grains hard your water is?
Do you want to know?

We have a 5 minute water test that we will come out and do so you can clearly see what yours is.
Most people are shocked when they see the results of our water testing.

There's only 1 way to remove grains out of the water – through ION exchange. And the only way to do this is by installing a water softener.

HARD vs SOFT Water

Want soft water? Get a water softener. Want hard water – don't get one and deal with all the problems associated with hard water. Don't be fooled by any slick talking salesman, it's really that simple.

Do You Know Why Water Out of Your Refrigerator Filter Doesn't Taste
as Good As Your Bottled Water?

The answer: TDS

According to the EPA less than .05% of the Earth's total water supply is usable fresh water. (Municipal treated city water is considered safe to drink by the EPA and is tested yearly)

Do You Have TDS in Your Water?

What is TDS, where does it come from and why is it important?

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It is the weight of all the solids in your water. The solids in your water come from:

  • Inorganic materials: such as rocks and air that may contain calcium bicarbonate, nitrogen, iron phosphorous, sulfur, and other minerals
  • Organic Sources: such as leaves, silt, plankton, and industrial waste and sewage
  • Water may also pick up metals such as lead or copper as they travel through pipes used to distribute water to consumers
Ideal Drinking water from reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization, microfiltration, etc0-50 PPM
Less desirable200-300 PPM
Unpleasant levels from tap water300-500 PPM
EPA's maximum contamination level500 PPM

Note: When TDS levels exceed 1000mg/L it is generally considered unfit for human consumption. A high level of TDS is an indicator of potential concerns, and should be checked and measured. Most often, high levels of TDS are caused by the presence of potassium, chlorides and sodium. These ions have little or no short-term effects, but toxic ions (lead arsenic, cadmium, nitrate and others) may also be dissolved in the water.

Do You Know What Your TDS Is?

Do You Want to Know What You Are Putting Into Your Body (or your kids)?

We have a free, no-obligation, in home water test where we will analyze your water. It takes 15 minutes to do this. We will:

  • Tell you if you have TDS and if you do, what are the implications and solutions available to you
  • Measure how many grains hard your water is (if it's 0-4 grains hard, you may not need a water softener)
  • Plus we educate you about the water filtration systems available to help you determine the best, most cost effective solution for your unique situation


"When we first moved into our house, we could tell the water had a bad taste. We weren't sure what kinds of water purification systems were available. The purification demonstration in our own kitchen was great. It was an easy decision to purchase the system. The installation was extremely quick and easy. We especially are excited about the line back to the refrigerator giving us pure water and ice. This is where most of our guests get their water and it is great to have the "invisible" line of pure water back to the fridge. We are incredibly happy with our water now. There is no bad taste at all. In fact, our water tastes great. Our new water tap is great and matches the kitchen! Thanks so much for all your help" … Darin and Julie

We do not try to sell any one type of unit. We represent many top manufacturers so we don't try to force some overpriced system down your throat like many of our competitors. Our goal is simply to help you determine what is ideal for you and your family. We are starting a relationship with you for years to come and we want to start off on the right foot. We are on your side!!

If you want objective, no hype, no B.S., pure information, give us a call right now at (800) 834-2882. When Chuck or Jay answer the phone tell them what you want and they can help you over the phone. If you want one of our master water specialists to come and see you we would be happy to set a 15 minute water consultation for you.

Call Chuck or Jay right now at West Coast Water Filtration 800-834-2882 to get all the details and to schedule a no-obligation in-home water audit and system consultation.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: At West Coast Water Filtration, you won't get a pushy salesman putting on a dog and pony show. You will get a master water specialist that will help you get the best solution for your unique needs for the best value possible.

Over the last 35+ years, over 100,000 of your neighbors have trusted West Coast Water Filtration for their water filtration systems and water softeners in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and all over California. Why not you? Call us right now at 800-834-2882.

Call me, Chuck Wohlberg, right now at 800-834-2882! … what do you have to lose, besides gain clean water.

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