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Free Water Test

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Most of Southern California has hard water. As water flows over rocks and soil, it picks up many naturally occurring elements as they dissolve. Many minerals end up in the water, making it “hard”. The higher the concentration of minerals in the water, the harder the water is. While the hard water in Southern California doesn’t pose health threats, it does cause problems for common household activities like showering, washing clothing, and washing dishes.

While the drinking water in Southern California is relatively safe for your family to drink, it may taste bad, have a bad odor and even look cloudy and dirty. Not to mention the chemicals the Water Companies add to your drinking water, and the rust, dirt and other debris tap water picks up along the way from pipes and holding facilities.  Your family should be drinking better water, and we can help.

This is a no obligation test just to let you know the condition of your water supply.

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