Water Softeners

Shopping for home water softeners can be confusing, so let the experts at West Coast Water Filtration help you make the right choice. Learn more about how water softeners work to remove minerals and soften hard water. Let the experts provide you with the best water softeners available for your home.


The Puronics Defender water conditioner is the budget-minded solution to supply high quality water in an energy efficient, budget minded manner.

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Defender iGen

Provides budget minded families with the most technologically advanced equipment available today. The sophisticated digital control valve monitors your water usage so you don't have to.

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Hydronex iGen

The Puronics Hydronex iGen whole house water conditioner provides superior quality water by incorporating the most technologically advanced equipment available today.

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Filtramax iGen

This five-stage water conditioner incorporates our advanced SilverShield® Protection Technology as well as a second backflush process to ensure your family will enjoy the highest quality water.

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Terminator iGen

A system so sophisticated, it does the thinking about the quality of your water all day and all night so you don’t have to.

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DuoFresh iGen

The Puronics DuoFresh dual process whole-house water treatment system is designed to give homeowners high quality water throughout the entire home.

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