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Water Softeners

Baby bathing in soft water - West Coast Water Filtration
Enjoy the benefits of soft-water throughout your entire home.  From cleaner laundry to softer hair & skin, you’ll be glad you did!  Read More

Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Mom and Baby with Clean, Clear, Filtered Water - West Coast Water
Whole-Home Water Conditioners provide clean, clear, odor-free water throughout your entire home. Eco-Friendly, Green Technology! Read More

Drinking Water Systems

Kids Drinking Water - West Coast Water Filtration
Clean, clear, delicious drinking water for the entire family. Plus, no wasteful bottles filling the landfills.  Read More

Sales, Installation and Service

Chuck Wohlberg Sales Division


You won’t get a pushy salesman putting on a dog and pony show. You will get a master water specialist that will help you get the best solution for your unique needs for the best value possible. Call (800) 834-2882 Today!

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Micromax 7000


Professional, licensed and insured contractor will install your equipment in your home or office.

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WCWF Service Truck


We service ALL MAKES AND MODELS of water filtration systems no matter where you bought them! Give us a call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable water filtration service consultants. Chances are, we can have a water filtration technician to your house the very same day!

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Only the best water

The Best Quality Water for You and Your Family

No matter where you are, the quality of your water is essential to your overall health and well-being. Water is one of the most basic elements of the scientific world, and one of the most primary necessities for human, animal, and plant life. The quality of drinking water makes an enormous difference to the health of the community. At West Coast Water Filtration, we can provide you with the best drinking water systems for your home or office. We can give you the best modern technology in clean drinking water.

Customer Testimonials

Why did we wait so long?

Thank you so much for the wonderful deal on our new water system. We can’t believe we waited so long to get it. We appreciate your thoroughness in explaining to us how it works and how to maintain it. You… Continue Reading “Why did we wait so long?”

Placido M.

Bad Tasting Water, Gone!

When we first moved into our house, we could tell the water had a bad taste. We weren’t sure what kinds of water purification systems were available. The purification demonstration in our own kitchen was great. It was an easy… Continue Reading “Bad Tasting Water, Gone!”

Darin and Julie

We Love It!!!

Since we’ve been using the water filtration system and softener, we’ve been drinking more water and have spent less money on soaps, shampoos and lotions. It takes less to form a thick lather and my skin stays hydrated without that… Continue Reading “We Love It!!!”

Mrs. Susan G.

Baby’s first bath!

We were thrilled that our newborn’s first bath was with CLEAN soft… Continue Reading “Baby’s first bath!”

Priscilla M.

Finally, Soft Water!

The City of Anaheim has extremely hard water, so I knew I wanted to purchase a water softener for my home. I did my research and received a couple of high quotes, so I thought I would never be able… Continue Reading “Finally, Soft Water!”

Francisco M.

Very Happy

In less than 30 days at my new residence I noticed the calcium build up on my shower doors and on my supposedly “cleaned” dishes out of the dishwasher. I started to wonder what these mineral deposits were leaving on… Continue Reading “Very Happy”

A Happy Family

Great Service

Greetings! I appreciate all of the good service that you have provided in the consultation, delivery and installation of my new Aqua 2000 Onyx system. One of the reasons that attracted me to move into this house in the Riverpark… Continue Reading “Great Service”

Lieutenant Commander Dan Frost
U.S. Navy
Pro Triathlete and Certified Triathlon Coach