Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Largest Capacity Bottle-Free Cooler


Largest Capacity with 6.3 Gallon Storage

Sleek, upscale bottle-less cooler with filtration provides great tasting hot and cold water from your tap. Contemporary styling fits with today’s modern offices. Eliminates the hassle of 5-gallon bottles.

Large Capacity Water Cooler Features:

  • Two temperature system
    • Cold: 37-50° F, Adjustable • Hot: 180° F, Autocontrol
  • Built-in filtration system is easily accessed for replacement
    • Available with Reverse Osmosis filtration system
    • Or Standard Dual-Cartridge filtration system
  • Individual on/off control switches for cold and hot power on rear panel of water cooler
  • Sealed stainless steel cold reservoir and hot tank
  • Convenient, recessed, no-drip dispensing faucets
  • Taller 8″ fill opening allows mugs and bottles easy access
  • Available with ultraviolet or ozone sterilizer
  • 1 year limited warranty – 3 year compressor warranty

This hot and cold bottle-less water cooler has 4 times the storage capacity of our other 2-temp models – 6.3 gallons. Serves busy offices with up to 70 people. The taller 8” opening allows larger mugs and bottles easy access for refills. RO version comes with 100 GPD RO membrane. Choose models with Reverse Osmosis filtration for crystal clear water and the removal of minerals that cause scale deposits in coffeemakers and other fixtures. Use the Standard Filtration version for areas with softer water (under 5 grains of hardness), for fresh tasting water.

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