Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Lo-Profile Bottle-Free Cooler


Water Filtration for an Eco-Friendly and Safe Working Environment

Hot and cold bottle-less cooler with built in filtration makes clean great tasting water. Sleek compact design fits under standard cabinets.

Two Temperatures

  • Hot and Cold
    • Hot enough for Tea or Soup, and Cold enough for ice cold drinks, a perfect combination.

Water Filtration Standard Features

  • Built-In Reverse Osmosis or standard filtration system.
  • Single dispensing faucet with HOT and COLD button control.
  • Dual button safety feature for HOT.
  • Low Height (only 161/2″) fits under standard cabinets.
  • Solenoid valve inlet water control.
  • Indicator lights on front panel for heating and cooling.
  • On/off switch in rear to control hot and cold functions.
  • 1 year limited warranty – 3 year compressor warranty.

Water Filtration Special Features

  • Built-In Moisture Sensor shuts off water if leak occurs.
  • Cold 37- 50°F, adjustable.
  • Hot 180°F, auto control.
  • High efficiency sealed compressor.

Great for breakrooms, small offices and wet bars

At only 16.5” tall, this unit fits on counters under standard cabinets in homes and offices and can serve up to 30 people. Choose between Reverse Osmosis and Standard filtration for great tasting water where you need it. The filter cartridges are side panel accessible for easy replacement. The 2 temperature single dispensing faucet comes with a dual button Hot Water safety feature. The 8” tall opening allows easy refill of large water bottles and mugs. The built-in leak detector shuts off water if a leak occurs. In attractive silver and gray.

A Better Solution

West Coast Water Filtration has a solution much less expensive than bottled water. Installing a water filtration unit to provide quality water can reduce costs as well as ensure proper hydration of your workers.

West Coast Water Filtration provides solutions for the replacement of bottled water in large and small offices with our innovative water filtration technology. Our wide range of water filtration systems answers the call for pure, clean water and helps to improve the quality of life within your company.

Did you know that only around 12 percent of customized plastic bottles were recycled in 2003? This is according to industry consultant R.W. Beck, Inc. That means that forty million bottles a day went into the trash or became litter. Even for plastic soft drink bottles, the recycling rate is only around 30 percent.

Our solutions include a hot and cold-water dispenser providing water filtered by either micro-filtration or reverse osmosis. Our office water dispensers are protected by ultra-violet disinfection, providing you with fresh, great tasting water that is both healthy for your employees and good for the environment.

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