Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Hot & Cold Water On Demand!

Save money on bottled water delivery and the headache of storing all the giant bottles.

Using Bottle Free water filter systems eliminates the need to store bottles of water and reduces the amount of discarded plastic bottles. Bottle Free water coolers for your office can significantly lower expense and your employees will be happy working for a “green” eco-friendly company.

Our solutions include hot and cold-water dispensers providing a drinking water system filtered by either micro-filtration or reverse osmosis. Our Bottle-Free water dispensers are protected by an optional ultra-violet disinfection system, providing you with fresh, good tasting water that is both healthy for your employees and good for the environment.

Bottle Free Water Cooler CWC-50


Hot and cold bottle free water coolers with built in filtration makes clean, great tasting water. Sleek compact design fits under standard cabinets.

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Bottle Free Water Cooler WC-75

High Capacity

Bottle free drinking water system dispenser with filtration provides more hot, room and cold temperature water from your tap that is safe, clean and great tasting.

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Bottle Free Water Cooler WC-100

Largest Capacity

Sleek, upscale bottle free cooler with built in water filter system that provides great tasting water for high volume applications.

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